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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Best Idea Ever: H.O.T. Drawing Jar

Best Idea Ever: H.O.T. Drawing Jar

When I was teaching, I called this idea the H.O.T. -- Homework On Time -- drawing. Students who turned in their homework on time put their names in a jar and were eligible for a drawing. Now that I'm retired and subbing, I use the jar idea throughout the day for whatever need arises. In the morning, I explain to students that I'll be drawing names throughout the day and awarding small prizes -- edible treat or little trinkets, pencils, erasers -- to those whose names I select. I point out that the more times a name is in the jar, the better chance it has of being drawn. So, if students need speeding up, I might say "put your name in the jar when you finish." If the classroom is messy, I might have students whose areas are clean put their names in the jar. In fact, the possibilities are endless!


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